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AcePrelims....the Preparatory Course module
Ace Preliminary Course for non-engineering majors and engineering students in other disciplines

Prelims Track 1
Knowledge of OS’s (Windows/UNIX/Linux)
HTML, FTP, WWW Terminologies, Web Browser
C, C++, OOPS, VC++, Servlets,JSP, Core JAVA
Client-Side Scripting in Java/VB, RDBMS (Oracle, SQL, MSSQL, PLSQL)
XML and Win32 API Programming

Prelims Track 2
Analog and Digital Communications
DSP fundamentals, Filters and Transforms; Basics of Image Processing
Basics of Computer Architectures; DSP Processor Architectures & Microprocessor Basics
RF Fundamentals, Antennae parameters
Programming Techniques in C and C++, 8085/ 8051 ALP

Prelims Track 3
Operational Knowledge of OSIs, Physical Layers
Networking Fundamentals and RF & Communication basics
Signaling & Modulation Techniques (ASK, PSK, FSK, 8PSK, QPSK, GMSK, GFSK and QAM)
Functional understanding of C/C++

Prelims Track 4
Networking Fundamentals (LAN, MAN, WAN)
Basic Knowledge of Client-Server Networking, Peer to Peer Networking
TCP/IP Addressing, Subnetting, Routing
OSI, DHCP, DNS, and Network Security Concepts

Prelims Track 5
OS fundamentals & Compilers, Assemblers, Linkers, and Debuggers
Micro Processors and RISC, Microcontrollers & Assembly Programming
Digital Design fundamentals (Design Methodologies, Circuits, State Machines)
OS Fundamentals for Device Drivers, PC Hardware Fundamentals & Memory Management
Programming in 8085/ 8051 ALP, C, C++, VC++, Win32 API Programming

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