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Every ATWCC has separate practice classrooms apart from training classrooms and a wireless convergence lab (ARE Labs), for the students to practice their projects and complete their assignments after their regular classroom schedules.

The following proprietary Software tools and Development kits are provided by ARE Technologies as part of ARE Labs, which are used to impart practical know-how in the wireless domain(s) of one's choice:

The wireless and convergence lab (ARE Labs)
ARE Technologies.
SMS Simulator by ARE Technologies.
GSM Real Life Simulators by ARE Technologies.
GSM GPRS Protocol Simulator by ARE Technologies.
CDMA Simulator by ARE Technologies.
3G/4G Simulators by ARE Technologies.
Wireless/Telecom Network Simulators by ARE Technologies.
RF/Antenna Simulation by ARE Technologies.
Smith Chart Simulation by ARE Technologies.

Apart from the above, numerous Development kits and Networking Equipments also form part of the Wireless and Convergence Lab, some of which are listed below:

Wireless Chip Evaluation Board
FPGA Digital logic lab.
FPGA Null modem Serial Cable F to F
50 Core Cable
Multipurpose Power supply
Wireless Microcontroller Training kit cum Emulator
Microcontroller Null modem Serial Cable M to F
Microcontroller four cable power cord
Bluetooth USB Dongles
Daughter Board
BDK (Bluetooth Development Kit) ARM Embedded module.
DC 5V 2A Adapter + Plug
Serial Null modem Cable F to F
Network cable Cat5 Cross
Serial modem Cable M to F
BDK Fuse
BDK Jumpers
BDK Daughter Board Connecter. Taped along with Arm Processor
USB Extension Connector
GSM/GPRS Development environment
GSM/GPRS modem
GSM/GPRS power cord GSM Y cord
GSM/GPRS Antenna
GSM/GPRS DK compatible Telephone Handset.
SIM Card Local Service Provider’s Prepaid card. (to be subscribed by Training
Wireless DSP Starter Kit
Parallel Cable
Power Supply
802.11 a/b/g Modems/adaptors
802.11 Development kit
802.11 Router with Access Point
802.11 Wireless Bridge
USB Cable Connectors for Wi-Fi
240 to 110 Converter.
Power Supply
Straight Through CAT5 Cable
CDMA Development environment
CDMA power cord
CDMA Antenna
CDMA DK Compatible Telephone Handset
CDMA Subscription Local Service Provider’s Prepaid card (to be subscribed by
Training Partner).
GPS Development environment
GPS receiver
GPS power cord GSM Y cord
GPS Antenna.
GPS Tracking capability
GPS Embedded System

For the list of ARE Technologies Wireless Competency Centers, drop an email to

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