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To become an ARE Certified Wireless Professional, you must pass one or more ARE certification exams.

Follow these steps to earn an ARE certification:

Decide which certification is right for you.

ARE offers certifications focused on specific areas of wireless expertise and through a range of job skills that cover the entire Wireless Industry. Decide which certification is appropriate for you, based on your experience, skills and interests.

For examples of job titles that may be appropriate for each certification, please see the description of each certification by clicking the titles below. ARE certifications fall into the following areas of expertise:

ARE Certified Wireless Technician                               [ACWT]
ARE Certified Wireless Engineer                                  [ACWE]
ARE Certified Wireless Developer                                [ACWD]
ARE Certified Wireless Architect                                  [ACWA]
Certified AceWP Instructor                                                 [CAI]
ARE Wireless Sales Professional                                   [AWSP]
ARE Wireless Project Management Professional         [AWPMP]

The premier certifications under AceWP require no prior wireless experience working with the related Software/Telecom products and technologies to begin with the Training. The course content is meant to provide a Project based experience while being trained at any ARE Authorised training Centres known as ARE Wireless Competency Center(ATWCC). Recommended wireless experience for the higher level certifications [ACWD & ACWA] range from Six to Twelve months. For more information about recommended experience, please see the requirements for these certifications in the ARE Certifications Brochure.

Apply your skills in a real-world environment.

Use and know the wireless products or technology on which you plan to earn certification. Continue to apply your skills in the real world and build your experience base. Practicing skills which you learn at the soonest possible while following AceWP training will help you retain the knowledge. Most of the projects are based on Industry Leading Vendor Products or Solutions OR ARE proprietary tools that impart real-world knowledge.

Register for an exam.

When you feel sufficiently prepared to take an exam, find out how to register for an exam. ARE Labs™ administer all ARE Certified Professional exams. When you go to the testing center for scheduling or taking your exam, be sure to bring your photo ID and another additional ID.

AceWP Exams

To earn ARE Certified Professional credentials, you must pass a series of rigorous certification exam questions that provide a valid and reliable measure of technical proficiency and expertise for the certification you are pursuing.
Our exams and corresponding certifications are developed to validate mastery of critical competencies in the wireless space. Exams are developed with the input of professionals in the wireless industry and reflect how Wireless technology related products are used in organizations throughout the world. The exams are administered by ARE Labs™, independent-testing organizations with centers around the world.

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