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ARE Certified Wireless Professional (AceWP) - Training and Certification Roadmap

The AceWP Training and Certification Program has 12 proprietary components through which the AceWP skills in specialized Wireless domains ARE imparted in a 10 step process.

The Training Process starts with AcePrelims (a pre-requisite qualifying exam to start with the Ace WP Training) and ends with the final AceWP Exams

Step 1

Ace Prelims (The Prerequisite Qualifying Exam prior to starting the AceWP Training). The Topics include the basics in Software Programming, DSP, Networking and Embedded. A 50 Question-set is appeared to determine one's eligibility for AceWP

Step 2
AceWP Courseware This is beginning of AceWP Training. Students ARE required to run through their respective courseware before coming to the classroom Instruction session

Step 3
AceWP Technical Theory Presentations -The AceWP Instructor runs through the Presentations to explain the theoretical concepts and clear doubts. Gives a head start to forthcoming Proprietary Projects/Practical and Lab sessions

Step 4
Simulations - The ARE proprietary Simulation tools(patent pending) help in detailed and fast learning of all the Technologies by simulating the real-life Wireless Environments e.g.; GSM,GPRS,CDMA & 3G within the physical limitations of the class

Step 5
ATWCC - (ARE Wireless Competency Center Lab) 11 Customized Wireless Lab Hardware Equipments(Development kits, Routers, Modems)& 45 Software and SDKs that are designed to impart practical level know-how

Step 6
Practical Projects -All the 5 Tracks of AceWP have 66% to 75% Practical real life proprietary Projects that are designed to impart 1 Yr. equivalent Industry Experience. Individual Projects are designed for each AceWP aspirant

Step 7
FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions) The FAQs help the aspiring Wireless Professionals to clear the most common questions and concerns related to the Wireless Domain they choose to specialize

Step 8
Reference Materials (Books, Magazines & Whitepapers)- These are provided to the aspirants for advance reading on the forthcoming Technology changes in their chosen Domain. This know-how is also tested in their SES and Final Certification

Step 9
SES (Sample Evaluation Series Tests) Over 5000 Practical Problem Situations (Questions) are exposed to the aspirants across all the tracks to complete their Wireless skill-sets. Each Track consists of 1000+ Practical Problems to be solved.

Step 10
Final AceWP Exam This is the final step of becoming a full fledged Wireless Professional armed with complete practical know-how. Qualifying this exam entitles one to AceWP certification either track wise or all tracks taken together

The additional two components that support the Ten Step AceWP process are:

Instructor Manual (This help manual guides the Instructor to implement a fool proof Transfer of Wireless Skill sets to the AceWP aspirants under the 10 step quality

Lab Manual (Help Guide for set-up and installation of the Lab)

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