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Wireless ABC - as the name suggests - is an informative section that is aimed at promoting Wireless awareness and use by presenting information on various Wireless Technologies. The articles here are focused on those Wireless Technologies and Standards which are as a Wireless Convergence specialist works upon. The write ups will also facilitate your understanding of how these Technologies are radically effecting change in the way we Communicate and Compute. It covers almost 95% of the most commonly used Technologies and the latest developments that enfold them.
There are five broad categories under which you should be able to get the information you want about the latest Wireless Technologies. The Technologies are categorized according to their technical relevance and the nature of transactions they perform.
The Technologies and Standards that are used to develop front-end content and applications for Wireless Devices are categorized under the "Wireless Application Development". Wireless LAN, MAN, PAN and Wireless Security are covered under the "Wireless Networking and Security" category.

The Wide area Wireless Telecom Networks that Telecom operators install and run come under "Wireless Carriers".

The Wireless Communication from the Embedded and RF point-of-view is covered under "Wireless DSP, RF and Antennae". It also separately covers Antennae used under the different Wireless Standards
Other System level Embedded issues like the Advance RISC Processors and Microelectronics are covered under the "Wireless Embedded Systems"
ARE would recommend you to use and promote the use of different Technologies listed under the Wireless ABC that suit your requirements whether or not you are an existing Wireless User or a Technocrat. Once you have used them, kindly do drop us an email at experience. You can also register at ARE Research Forums to seek a more in-depth understanding and exchange your experience with other users and mostly accomplished Wireless Technologists. You can post your queries under the various sections listed . Your feedback would help us in learning more about the Consumer convenience and acceptability requirements. This in turn will help us promote the further Development in those Technologies.

Happy Reading!

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