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Multimedia Signal Processing in Wireless
With the exponential growth of wireless voice markets, demand for wireless video services is soon to follow. However, bandwidth limited wireless channels coupled with mobility issues pose a great challenge in the hardware, software and algorithm design of communication systems. Raw video transmission is a high bandwidth application due to its spatial and temporal redundancies. Hence effective video communication over wireless channels calls for intelligent video coding and protection schemes. Also, the real-time nature of video necessitates high performance hardware and efficient software. A modular and standards-independent DSP-based platform can be designed for real-time video communication over low-bandwidth channels, which makes it possible for real-time transmission of MPEG-4 video and JPEG2000 still images over the Bluetooth wireless standard. Such a demonstration has many potential applications. To explore the possibilities, demands, and challenges of real-time wireless video transmission, we can implement the MPEG-4 and JPEG2000 source coding on DSP platforms like Texas Instruments (TI) TMS320C6211 OR TI TMS3206416.

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