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Wireless Embedded programming.
Wireless market is growing all over the world. The need is on for Wireless application programmers, developers, etc. But as more and more new wireless concepts are being employed and similar devices are being realized; the wireless industry is in dire need of wireless system and embedded developers. End users are rapidly embracing wireless devices, and the possibilities are limited only by the imagination. Wireless devices are touching every sphere of ones life.

What knowledge one should possess in knowing this Wireless Embedded Systems?
For becoming a wireless embedded system designer the basic need for anyone is to have knowledge of technologies which one wants to use. Like a person can built a wireless application on a GSM platform, CDMA platform, etc. Apart from the technologies some more aspects are needed for an aspirant to really know the wireless embedded systems.

A broader view is mentioned below:

Advance RISC Processors
The use of RISC processors over CISC processors in embedded Wireless systems today is wide spread and seems to be the trend of the future. This is because when it comes to embedded Wireless systems, RISC has many advantages over CISC both in hardware and software implementation of these embedded systems. Even for application programmers the operational knowledge of RISC processors is very much required. The current RISC features have specifically made them the favorites of today’s Wireless System Developers.

A real-time characteristic of handling voice and data for wireless devices requires fast and predictable response. Performance is important in today’s wireless devices. Special Real time operating systems take the charge to get the critical task managed and done with logical correctness and timeliness. The study of RTOS is very much needed in order to develop real life wireless projects.  

The advancement in VLSI technologies has made it possible to cramp more and more circuitry into lesser and lesser space. The Mixed signal design and other complex design issues are addressed in better away then it used to be before. Today one should have a proper working knowledge of VLSI and other related issues in order to develop wireless embedded designer.

Device Drivers
A Device Driver is an executor arm of the Operating System that is in charge of the communication between a peripheral device and its user programs. Device driver knowledge is required in order to get more devices connected with fewer intricacies. The issues in device driver programming are very different from that of normal application programming. Device driver programming is a real challenge for many wireless professionals, but the demand for wireless device driver programmer is always there. All this knowledge is required for an wireless embedded designer but gathering all this knowledge to a zenith is a Herculean task. But the one who gets it….. World is not enough for him.

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