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Wireless Application Development is one of the fastest growing technology areas in the world. People have become more and more dependent on the information that is available on the Internet, and they will increasingly want to access the Internet not only from their personal computers and office workstations but also from mobile, wireless devices. Consequently, the rapid and efficient deployment of new wireless data and mobile Internet services has become a high priority for communication equipment manufacturers and telecommunication operators.
The wireless Internet revolution will transform wireless devices from voice-oriented communication devices with relatively static, hard-coded functionality into extensible, Internet-enabled devices with advanced data and software capabilities. These devices will need to support dynamic downloading of new software and be capable of running software written not only by the device manufacturers themselves but also by third-party software developers. This will make the devices much more dependent on software and will place a much higher emphasis on software interoperability, security, and reliability. This revolution has paved the way for many new programming languages such as J2ME and Operating systems like PocketPC, Symbian OS ,Palm OS and markup languages such as Wml,chtml .New technologies such as LBS ,MMS, WAP  have evolved

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