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UWC-136 (Universal Wireless Communications
UWC-136 is a 3G wireless standard proposal based on TDMA technology, which is developed by the Universal Wireless Communications Consortium. UWC-136 is proposed by TIA and then adopted by the ITU for 3G. UWC-136 allows the TDMA community to migrate from 1st (IS-136) to 3rd (UWC-136) generations systems which uses a wideband TDMA technique. It simulates first generation (1G) Analog Mobile Phone System (AMPS) and second generation TIA/EIA-136 technologies.

About the Technology
UWC-136 radio transmission technology proposes a low cost investment, deployment path for both AMPS and TIA/EIA operators. The frequency bandwidth ranges in which it can be deployed are 500 MHz to 2.5 GHz. The main focus stands on promoting and implementing the IS-136 digital standards. It also specifies the future development of the standard and facilitating roaming agreements between IS-136 operators.

Salient Features
Handles multiple public, private, and residential operators in one locality
Supports hierarchical cell Structures
Supports TDMA based software radios.
A unique different solution for packet data architecture

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