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What is Palm OS ?
The Palm OS is operating system given by Palm Inc way back in 1992. The Palm  development community has grown steadily and today this development community is as diverse as the world of computing: from high school kids writing
in Basic to skilled university researchers writing in C, from enterprise developers writing in Java to commercial developers writing in C++.Not only that Palm is the best-selling handheld in the world but also that the Palm OS is an open operating system, intuitive to program and very clearly documented.


Features Of Palm OS
The convenience, power, and ease of use of Palm OS handheld devices make
them attractive to a wide variety of users. Handheld devices running the Palm
have found their way into the shirt pockets of doctors, lawyers, sales personnel, business professionals, and other segments of society not normally given to using small electronic gadgetry. Palm handhelds can store thousands of company data records such as customer contacts, appointments, e-mails, sales opportunities and service calls. Employees can use applications on a Palm handheld to reference and update these records in their office, at a customer site, during a service call or during transit. Data is transferred between enterprise data and the Palm handheld by a cable connected to a desktop PC and software called a conduit. A conduit uses Palm's HotSync technology to update new, modified and deleted records between the Palm handheld and your enterprise data and resolve data conflicts. Devices running the Palm OS are not intended to be portable versions of desktop computers. Instead, the handheld is a satellite device, designed as an extension to a desktop system. The handheld provides a window to desktop data, allowing that data to be viewed anywhere. Though it is indeed possible to perform many complex tasks with Palm OS handhelds, their form and function are optimized for viewing data and entering small amounts of data. Palm Computing hit upon a perfect combination of these factors with its first device, and it has resisted the temptation to cram marginally useful features into new Palm devices. Although they have fewer features than many other handhelds, such as Windows CE and the older Newton devices, Palm OS handhelds are more focused on providing features that will be genuinely useful. Intelligent selection of features has made these devices into handy tools instead of merely expensive toys.

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