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What is LBS? (Location Based Services)
In this age of significant telecommunications competition, mobile network operators continuously seek new and innovative ways to create differentiation and increase profits. One of the best ways to do accomplish this is through the delivery of highly personalized services. One of the most powerful ways to personalize mobile services is based on location. In this environment each mobile computing device is aware of its current location and the location of other fixed and mobile computing devices. The mobile system takes advantage of the devices available at any location to present the richest information environment possible to the customer.

Key Features Of LBS
One of the most obvious technologies behind LBS is positioning, with the most widely recognized system being the Global Positioning System (GPS). There are however, other means of positioning in addition to GPS. These other technologies are network based positioning and typically rely on various means of triangulation of the signal from cell sites serving a mobile phone. In addition, the serving cell site can be used as a fix for location of the user.

Location Services (also called Mobile Positioning or Mobile Position Determination technology) deliver specific information about the geographic location (i.e., position) of mobile terminals such as mobile telephones, PDAs, and other devices attached to other moveable items such as people, packages and vehicles. For e.g. if you are driving a car in unknown locality, then you would be interested in finding out where you are located?

Location Based Services (also called Location Application Services) deliver end-user services, normally based on knowing the position of a user with their mobile terminal. These services can be delivered through a wide range of devices, including wireless phones, in-vehicle tracking modules and other types of mobile terminals. Location Application Services also support operations throughout a location-enabled enterprise, including such applications as customer relationship management, accounting, network planning, inventory management, field service, network management, inside/outside plant, and so on.

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