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Imagine the Wireless Users and Operators Problem:

The Wireless Consumer's Problem:
-Multiple Technologies and Standards
-Multiple Gazettes and Devices
-Device models (and Standards) fast becoming obsolete
-Annoying Cost of replacement

Customer becomes often Confused or Insecure!

Size of the Problem:

Existing Wireless Device Users = 2 Billion +
Average price of a Wireless end user Device = $ 100 ;

Size of the device User's Problem ($100 x 2 Billion) = $ 200 Billion

B) NIC (Network Interface Card) Users = 1 Billion +
Average price of a Network Interface Card = $ 20

Size of the NIC User's Problem ($10 x 1 Billion) = $ 20 Billion

Now imagine the RF/Wireless Operator's Problem:

-New Technologies and Standards
-Old Equipments and Standards fast becoming obsolete
-New Infrastructure requirements
-New Nodes and Equipment upgrades
-High Cost of transition

Size of the Problem:

Number of upgrades per Network = 300
Number of Operators = 200 + 
Number of Networks =  1000+
Average cost of upgrades = $50,000

Size of the RF/Wireless Operator's Problem ($50,000 x 300,000) = $ 15 Billion

Total Size of the Problem (A + B+ C) = $ You do the math!

A simple Solution from Advanced Radio Engineering(ARE) named - D5

D5TM is a proprietary Technology available both as a nano scale System on a Chip and System modules matching a wide variety of OEMs and TEMs specific product customizations. D5 incorporates a unique Universal - frequency, Universal - base band architecture while converging all widely used Wireless and Telecom Networking protocols through a common IP Backbone over Radio. D5 is targeted to offer anytime-anywhere Computing and Communication with a seamless universal roaming across different PAN, LAN, MAN and WANs by changing Radio behavior based on user demand on-the-fly. D5 converges all standards into one Universal architecture namely:

GSM, GPRS, UMTS, CDMA, CDMA 2000, BT, IEEE 802.11 (a, b, g, i), IEEE 802.15, IEEE 802.16, WCDMA, OFCDM(A) and GPS into one device. While offering seamless roaming capability across all the above standards that covers the entire globe ( 0˚ North to 0˚ South). At the same time, offering a speed of upto 100 Mbps to compute and communicate at an unmatched rate. D5 is device and platform independent. It empowers the Wireless Consumers with a converged power of Computing and Communication that is accessible anytime anywhere in its truest sense.

D5 is a plug and play code that can interface with any OEM or TEM's Computing or Communication devices like the Desktop PCs to Laptops, Pocket PCs, Palm and the Mobile Phones. Developed under the Six Sigma DMADV and IPPD-CMMI standards, D5 supports an unmatched 99.999% Quality of Service by shifting IP over Radio. It supports 95% of all major Wireless and Telecom standards in the play and has protocol interfaces to connect the :
Wireless Personal area Network (Bluetooth and IEEE 802.15.3), Wireless Local area Network(IEEE 802.11x(a,b,g), Wireless MAN (WiMax- IEEE 802.16x) and Wide area Communication Networks (GSM, GPRS & CDMA Families and GPS and any Satellite variety).

Simply put it could work as a Universal Mobile or a Universal NIC in a PC by making it universally mobile at speeds of upto 100 Mbps .

The Infrastructure variants of the D5 Technology includes Network Equipments like Routers and Unit Interfaces for Base Stations and Radio Node Controllers. The D5 Technology revolutionalizes the way Wireless is used as a medium for Computing and Communications. It provides an unparallel converged power in the Wireless Consumer's hands. All at a cost that is made affordable to 80% human population on earth by providing low cost licensing alternatives to the OEMs and TEMs. D5 has wide rural usage in areas unconnected so far due to the Technological social divide of the past because of limitations of a Wired Network.

We will be happy to learn your further interest in the D5 Technology and how you envisage embracing the D5 Technology for your technical requirements whether you are an Operator or a bulk RF User. If you have specific inquiries related to D5, kindly drop us an email at D5 "at"

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