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What is Brew?
Brew stands for Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless™ developed by Qualcomm. Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW) is a standard environment for applications development for wireless handsets running over code division multiple access (CDMA) technology and using QUALCOMM chipsets The BREW application developer’s most important tool is the BREW Software Development Kit (BREW SDK).

Features Of Brew
Today’s mobile  users expect more features from their mobile devices, which range from very high-end integrated mobile PDA to mass-market mobile phones that focus on low cost and easy operation. While there has been much enthusiasm surrounding the possibility of leveraging high-speed ASIC technology to bring new application functionality even to low-cost devices, the actual task has been complicated by cost and size factors related to integrating the high-end operating systems seemingly required to host such applications.
Mass-market devices are often characterized by proprietary solutions that support unique sets of services and interfaces. Although most of these devices share the same underlying environment, proprietary layers above the ASIC have discouraged the development of generic applications that can be leveraged across offerings from device manufacturers.

The BREW platform's growing popularity among the world's leading wireless carriers and handset manufacturers, along with its active international community of top game publishers and developers, has stimulated the rise of a promising market opportunity. People are paying for compelling content, and games are some of the most popular.

Originally, BREW was Qualcomm's internal technology for developing embedded software for their own handsets. Now, it has been made available to anyone interested in wireless development. BREW is actually three things: a hardware platform, a C/C++ SDK, and a distribution model.For the hardware platform, BREW requires an ARM CPU-based chipset. ARM processors are very popular among portable device makers because of their hefty computing capabilities and low power consumption. ARM chips have been used in many popular devices, including Microsoft's PocketPC and Nintendo's GameBoy Advance. Qualcomm has designed several tiers of chipsets offering increasing levels of speed and features for BREW handsets.
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