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Bluetoothâ„¢ refers to an open specification for a technology to enable short-range wireless voice and data communications anywhere in the world. Bluetooth uses the 2.4 GHz ISM (Industrial, Scientific, Medical) band, which provides unlicensed radio frequencies. A Bluetooth area enables similarly equipped mobile devices in the area to wirelessly access the Internet and local area information and services at relatively low costs.

Bluetooth Profiles:
Bluetooth units are active in one or more of four general behaviors through which they communicate with other Bluetooth units. These behaviors are called as "profiles". these profiles define the features of the devices falling under them. This is necessary for the different devices to be able to interoperate with each other. some features are mandatory, some are optional. Profiles defines modes of operation that are not service or profile specific, but generic to all profiles. Profile also describes the general procedure for how to create bonds between Bluetooth devices and to establish connections to other Bluetooth devices.
The four general profiles used in various usage devices are :
1. generic Access profile (GAP)
2. Serial Port Profile (SPP)
3. Service Discovery Access Profile (SDAP)
4. Generic Object Exchange Profile (GOEP)
The Bluetooth user should be able to connect a Bluetooth device to any other Bluetooth device.

Bluetooth based Embedded applications :
For building embedded Applications over Bluetooth one should have to make profiles on which he can develop applications. For example one has to make and load serial profile in order to make connections with all the Bluetooth devices in the periphery. Then he can make the application which he wants like chat system, client server authentication system on Bluetooth devices. The knowledge of Bluetooth devices, profiles, protocols etc are very much essential in developing wireless embedded applications on Bluetooth platform.

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