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With the market of wireless handheld devices growing at lighting speed, all devices are in need of embedding more complexity into the devices. More complexity will drive the need for more power which today limits the processor used in the devices. The use of RISC processors over CISC processors in embedded Wireless systems today is wide spread and seems to be the trend of the future. Special RISC processors are giving more value with there power saving features, giving the much needed help in developing Wireless Embedded systems. Today RISC Processors has got the power to meet the needs of the market seemingly.

Originated in processor research programs at Stanford and Berkeley Universities around 1980, the RISC concept was a major influence on the design of today's processors. Some thoughtful persons argued that while reducing the semantic gap between the processor instruction set and the high level language, silicon area was a sacrifice. If we want to make processor go fast, we must first understand what it spends its time doing. They actually spend very less time in processing. The Table will give a better idea.
Instruction Type Typical dynamic Usage
Data Movement  43%
Control Flow  23%
Arithmetic operations  15%
Comparisons  13%
Logical Operations  5%
Others (branching , indexing)  1%
These example statistics suggest that the most important instructions to optimize are those concerned with data movement, either between the processor registers ands memory or from registers to registers. These account for almost half of all the instructions executed. Second most frequent are the flow control which account for another quarter. Arithmetic operations are down at 15% as are the comparisons. Now we can make the ways for making the processors faster. The most important of these is the pipelining. Another important concept is of cache memory and third technique, super-scalar instruction execution, which isn’t used in ARM but generally all latest DSP processors have this. Examples of RISC machines are IBM 801 minicomputer, VLSI RISC chips such as RISC I, RISC II and
MIPS (1984 ), and PowerPC (601, 603, 604, 620).

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