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ARE Certified Wireless Professional- AceWP  

The first Engineering Level Training and Certifications available under AceWP Program are the ACWE five Tracks.
ACWE ARE Certified Wireless Engineer - Course Contents Duration: 80 hr. each track including 40-60 hrs. of Lab Practice. (Five Tracks)
ACWE Track 1:Wireless Applications Development (80 hrs.)
J2ME and Java in Wireless Environment
WAP Programming, WML, WML Scripts and Graphics, Push
Linux Architecture and Programming

Windows CE Architecture and Programming
Voice Content Applications - Voice XML
Multimedia Messaging Service - MMS Applications
Location Based Services
- LBS Applications

ACWE Track 2: Wireless DSP, RF and Antennae (80 hrs.)
Wireless Signal Processing Algorithms
Power Control - Design and Techniques
High Performance DSP and Techniques
Signal Processing in OFDM (UTMS and WLAN)
Signal Processing in GPS and GIS
Wireless Multimedia Signal Processing
RF and Baseband Design
Antennae Design and Analysis
ACWE Track 3: Wireless Telecom Carriers (2G, 2.5G, 3G & 4G) (80 hrs.)
Signalling System # 7
GSM,GPRS & Enhanced Data rate Global Evolution (EDGE)
Short Messaging Services (SMS) & MMS
Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) One
CDMA 2000 - 1xRTT & 3xRTT
WCDMA & Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS)
Wireless in Local Loop (WLL)
Long Time Evolution, HSUPA, HSDPA
Satellite, Global Positioning System (GPS) and 4G Technologies

ACWE Track 4: Wireless Networking and Security (80 hrs.)
Bluetooth and its Profiles - Wireless Personal Area Network
IEEE 802.15 (UWB and Wi-Media) - WPAN
IEEE 802.11 a (Wi-Fi) - Wireless Local Area Network
IEEE 802.11 b (Wi-Fi) - Wireless Local Area Network
IEEE 802.11 g (Wi-Fi) - Wireless Local Area Network
IEEE 802.11 n (Wi-Fi) - Wireless Local Area Network
IEEE 802.16(Wi-Max) - Wireless Metopolian Area Network
Wireless Mesh Networks
Wireless Security Implementation Enterprise
IEEE 802.11 i, WEP, WPA, EAP types


ACWE Track 5: Wireless Embedded Systems (80 hrs.)
Advanced RISC Processors
ARM and Strong ARM Platforms for Wireless
Real TIme Operating System (RTOS) in Wireless
VLSI Chip Design in Wireless
Device Driver Programming for Wireless Platforms
Bluetooth Embedded Applications
GSM/GPRS/CDMA Embedded Applications
802.11x Embedded Applications
GPS Embedded Applications

Important: ARE Technologies recommends that Students refresh themselves with the topics under the �AcePrelims� Curriculum before starting with the Ace Wireless Professional Program or undergo a relevant ACWT Technician level training or certification (Please download the ARE Certifications brochure for details on the ACWT tracks).

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