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Level 3 - ARE Certified Wireless Architect- ACWA
Duration of Exam: 2 hour written paper and 4 day Lab Test at ARE Labs for each module
The ARE Wireless Architect program is designed to further enhance each of the specializations taken in the Developer program. There is no classroom training offered for this Level. This curriculum involves self-study, attending international seminars (conducted by ARE), interactive on-line sessions, etc. The exam involves a 2 hour written paper and a lab test spanning over 4 days for each specialization taken. Also known as Level 3, accomplishing this level of Certification benchmarks the ultimate level of your Wireless expertise. Candidates who pass this exam are called "Architects" or "Experts" in their respective fields.  
Track 1: Wireless Content Development
Track 2: Wireless DSP, RF and Antennae
Track 3: Wireless Telecom Carriers and Networks (2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G)
Track 4: Wireless Networking and Security (PAN, VPN, WLAN, MAN)
Track 5:
Wireless Embedded Systems


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