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4G Wireless Technology – An Overview
Even though 3G services are yet to take the world by storm, attention is already being turned to the next major generation of mobile communications – the Fourth Generation (4G), which is expected to become commercially available in the year 2010 or so. For one thing, there is still no unified blueprint governing what the next generation of wireless technology will look like.4G could be built on 3G-telephony spectrum, but higher capacity demand would create a need for even more spectrum. Operators—already investing huge amounts in buying 3G licenses—would have to make additional investments in equipment and services. 3G networks are being built on top of overlays to existing 2G networks and IP technologies are only now being incorporated into those networks. By the time 4G is deployed, these networks will likely be entirely based on end to end IP technology.

4G is expected to be a truly unified single standard unlike UMTS or cdma2000. 3G is a substantial leap forward in mobile bandwidth and capacity. 4G will be another giant leap forward, requiring more new spectrum, but providing unprecedented broadband communications. Rollout of 3G and 4G technologies will be stunted unless wireless spectral efficiency improves. Consumer and enterprise adoption will depend on new wireless technologies providing significant new capabilities inexpensively and seamlessly. 4G devices are expected to be more visual and intuitive rather than today’s text and menu based systems. The phone will be able to interact with the environment around it and act accordingly – paying for goods when you approach a payment kiosk for example.

Advantages & Applications
The advantages/ applications expected from 4G deployment are as follows:

  • Very high data rates: Speeds of up to 50 times that will be available on 3G.

  • Enhanced GPS Services: a 4G version of GPS technology would be able to let people be virtually present in a variety of places.

  • Media-Rich Apps: media-rich content would also flow seamlessly between devices

  • Navigational Aids: visualized virtual navigation that allows a remote database containing graphical representation of streets, buildings and physical characteristics of a large metro to be accessed by a moving vehicle


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